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Software as you’ve never imagined

We develop solutions for imaginary problems

Ridiculous Apps

Download into your rectangle of goodness one of our apps, and the world will forever be different.


Let us manage your attention

Number of you

Dare to live up to your number


Ridiculous solution based on ridiculous research

Ridiculous software is the result of award-winning research. Read our work, or better, just cite it.

Making software ridiculous

We develop software that computes the antinomy of technology-world pataphors congregated in the clinamen of human-technology experience, so it can become the absolute syzygy of a unique imaginary solution


You got to this part of the page

First to market

Nobody has ever dared to make ridiculous software before


We need to talk


Why do we need software?

Future-proof present

Design is not going to save the world and neither is regular software. 
Ridiculous software will. 
We will.


Use ridiculous software and feel better about yourself


Are you a winner, or just a regular software user?

All this talk

Go download our software! Stop reading

The box

We think in it.

Client Testimonials

Nothing speaks louder than imaginary people

I just want to look at a screen all dayy  without needing to think!

Louie Lucky

Lone Tree Frontstage Inc

Knowing my number has changed my life

Katarina Nekot

Serious Business ApS

Know your number, know yourself

Elena Perinomik

Resource Supplies and Demands Inc

All I needed was ATTN, and my life changed for the better

Arvidas Ekaf

Lonely Ranger Development LLC

Our Team

Who else but them could make this happen?

Miguel Sicart

Chief Absolute Antinomy 

Irina Shkolvski

Chief Ideologist Opinionator


Do you want to look the part?

With our limited edition merchandise, you too can feel like a member of the ridiculous software team

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